Our Mission Statement:

Preventing suicide one heart at a time through serendipitous words of encouragement.

When you find one of our hearts we want you to feel loved. The Little Heart Project is people leaving small knit or crocheted hearts with a note of encouragement wherever one goes; whether it be the grocery store, the library, the gas station, your hometown coffee shop or bar, the Empire State Building, or the Great Wall of China. Spread love, spread encouragement, spread kindness.

The Little Heart Project was inspired by a similar project in Texas, The Peyton Heart Project, and my own story of depression, PTSD, anxiety and suicidality. I went years not wanting to live, not thinking anything would ever get better and having no hope of a better future. I’ve been in intensive therapies for eight years and finally I am starting to see that the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train headed straight toward me. Healing is not easy and we want you to know you are not alone.

We are always looking for people to make hearts. Please refer to the pattern tab to find a pattern for the hearts. If you’d like some hearts to distribute, please reach out to me at TheLittleHeartProj@gmail.com. Please share a picture of the crocheted hearts you find by tagging @The_Little_Heart_Project on Instagram.

Thank you,

Kathleen Jensen
The Little Heart Project Founder/Creator